Maintenance of Wooden Floors Parquet

pages-parke4-grThe wooden floor after some years begins to show signs of deterioration. You will notice that it has lost its shine was in the beginning, has pronounced bumps and may have begun to show black spots.

If they have already shown signs of black wooden floor maintenance that is needed immediately and rubbing varnish. The protection of the wooden floor is varnished.

When the varnish has worn our park is exposed to dirt that might have our shoes, water from mopping etc.

The more time left so the floor more deeply into the wood end all this, so needs more sanding.

Unlike any other flooring, parquet maintenance – sanding and polishing on time becomes normal again.

The duration of maintenance of parquet last from two to three days for the rooms and up to five days for large areas (eg house entirely of wood flooring).

Work carried out by us and rubbing varnish wood floors are:

pages-parke5Sanding wooden parquet floor

  • Rubbing with wooden floor sanding machine technology with new belt.
  • Rub the edges with sanding machine for edges.
  • Caulking around the floor with a special caulking material for the putty to remain flexible and lighter not to stand out from other wooden flooring.
  • Rubbing with a rotary engine with two to three numbers sanding sheets in order to have a perfect wood floor sanding and smoother surface ready for polishing – polishing the wooden floor.

Shoe wooden parquet

  • Floor Priming the wooden floor and skirting (tsekolatouras) with one hand (layers) primer
  • Polishing the wooden floor varnish lasting two layers. (The application of the second layer will be held after twenty-four hours after finishing that will precede the final polishing before the wooden floor.