After the first wash was taking off like dust.

Some carpets are made with the wrong materials so they do not stand taps and washing. Use new methods to save the resulting compounds to wash and wear.


It began to turn yellow.

This problem occurs almost exclusively in modern wool rugs, carpets thick and pale. In this case the problem is the compound that when contacted with a minimum moisture carpet begins to turn yellow. The problem starts from the inside out first hand after the good. In some cases it happens that the wrap to keep your home for summer and winter when you open it from white to beige color is orange.

The carpet smells.

This problem have thick modern rugs like those in yellow, but some very old and cheap carpets. The smells are usually rubber, plastic, vinegar, and sometimes in combination with the moisture away. The smells are more intense when saved with nylon for a long time. At next two days after opening the smells begin to subside.

Moth Problem.

The non-cleaning of carpet each year at least it may cause problems moth, especially in wool carpets.