Carpet Storage

At Clean Master we take care of your carpets period you will not use them and you have no space to store them.

  • The carpets are stored in a specially designed space.
  • The state of warehouse control through an integrated system of registration and control.
  • In each carpet give a code that runs in our computer system, so any time we found your carpets.
  • The carpets are kept in ideal conditions, temperature and humidity.


Why choose carpet store services?

  • We have specially designed space that meets all the requirements for the safe storage of carpets
  • We deliver the back just when you need
  • You do not have to stress it may put your warehouse is little you have no storage
  • You do not have any anxiety small accident not happen with the carpets at home
  • The carpets are covered by your insurance policy against fire, theft, flood


See our insurance:

Maximum price per customer for storing the carpets are €26, provided that all rugs be washed, while a carpet €13. The storage period ends each end of the current year. The customer is not required if the carpets will have to pay for cleaning and storage and the carpets will remain in our warehouse for next season fee €35.