Curtain Cleaning

Supported by a well trained staff, we are able to offer high quality cleaning services.
We pay great attention to the quality of our work to ensure the best possible service to our customers.With the most modern technical and mechanical equipment, we guarantee the best resaults. We use only ecologically safe products to clean your curtains you and our prices are extremely reasonable.

Dry cleaning without put them down and without any problems is reduced.

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  • For the protection of the fabrics we use fire retardant solutions, odorless, colorless and totally harmless.
  • It is extremely user friendly, non toxic and does not irritate the skin and eyes.
  • Neutral pH.
    If used with materials that create hydro-and dirt-repellent film, fabric can be simultaneously nginei fireproof, adiavrocho and repellent to dirt.
  • The fire protection fabrics can be impregnated with a material based almost naturally, because their main ingredient is water.
  • The fire protection fabrics are environmentally friendly as we said (odorless, contains no halogens, heavy metals or solvents) and can be easily applied (application by dipping or spraying of the object).
  • The material for impregnation contains a highly effective combination of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds derived almost by nature or is completely natural.
  • In case of fire gases are produced that do not burn the fabric chars and off eventually by itself.
  • Available and ready to spray.

SCOPE: Theaters, cinemas, hotels and houses, fairgrounds, restaurants, dining rooms, places of public assembly.